Got too many calls from 388707000?

Breathe and relax: you are not the only one being constantly bothered by this line. We have collected hundreds of claims and reports issued to this phone number, due to their high frequency and harassing nature. No one is quite sure if they should get these calls, or just let their phones ring! But we are here for you, and we’ll give you all the information you need to know about these calls from 388707000. This way you’ll be always sure about which calls to get, and which ones to avoid. Read on!

Annoying calls from 388707000

Here at we are used to review phone numbers with less-than-honourable intentions behind them. So it is always a cheerful occasion when we learn that phone number that has been calling you day in and day out does belong to a legit company, and you would be safe when getting these calls.

Though high annoying in regards of the frequency of their calls, the line 388707000 truly belongs to NAB Financial Services. The National Australia Bank is a company specialized in loans and business finance options. They serve over 12.7 million customers across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

388707000 NAB Financial Services

Calls from 388707000 are from their sales departments. Users have reported being called by this line with several purposes. These includes confirmation of new accounts, follow up after interactions with them, offer card security and other services. They will also enquire if you wish to become their new customer, with enticing offers.

What to do about calls from 388707000

Since this line is legit, registering your number to a Do not Call list wouldn’t block them out if you are their customer. However it would if you are not currently their customer. You can still make sure you stop getting calls from this line if you are certain you are not interested in getting calls from 388707000. Your safest bet will be to block the number out by blacklisting it in your phone’s contacts list. You could also download an app to filter unwanted calls and avoid getting them.

Calls from 388707000 can be a nuisance due to their frequency, but they are not hazardous for you. You could ask the operator to remove your number from their sales contacts lists, in order to still be able to get other communications from them. There’s no need to report these calls, unless their high frequency is really intrusive to you. This includes you feel calls from 388707000 is preventing you from having peace of mind.


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