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Speech, voice activation, inking, typing, and privacy in Windows 10

Windows 10 as the latest operating system released by Microsoft introduced a series of innovative features, in order to provide a better and more intuitive experience, such as Cortana and the possibility to receive and answer commands. To make these functions possible, Microsoft included local and cloud-based technologies like speech, voice activation and typing so […]

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Microsoft Software License Terms

Microsoft is the biggest software company on the planet, offering from operating systems to other type of solutions and also hardware-based products like computers and accessories. Of course, respecting all of these products and software platform there are the Microsoft Software License Terms, as the important documentation all users must know and be aware of […]

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Microsoft Services Agreement: Different aspects it addresses

Microsoft is a company that offers plenty of products and services, software and hardware-based that perform different functions and purposes. Nonetheless, consumer products manufactured and created by the company are related to certain terms so they could be used properly, being a description of conditions, exceptions and procedures customers must know. In this case, such […]

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Microsoft Privacy Statement: An important document to read

Privacy is a very important matter, especially on the internet where practically most of information and data are resources online platforms take advantage of, in order to provide a better experience and for advertising purposes, sometimes without our consent or knowledge because we are not aware of the specific terms or these are not public […]