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About Microsoft Bing and how it works

Searching information online in webpages is a service millions of people used around the world, in order to find details respecting different topics to study and obtain knowledge, as well as obtaining information about products and services online. In order to find sites on the web, search engine are the ultimate tools to perform this […]

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Skype: Support for all products

Skype is the ultimate chatting and calling service online, which is provided by Microsoft and was the natural evolution respecting Windows Live Messenger, bringing the best of both worlds together in a sync experience and amazing features. Skype is very simple to use and available in almost any platform and operating system, mobile and local […]

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PC Deals at Microsoft Store you cannot miss

At present time, there are amazing discounts and promotions at the Microsoft Store, which includes a wide set of machine of different brands, range and prices for everyone to take advantage of, with deals that simply are too good to let them go. Next, we are going to be showing you the best PC Deals […]

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Microsoft Surface Book Essentials Bundle

The Microsoft Surface line of product is the amazing and high-end platform of computers, laptops, convertibles and other hardware-based solutions for the most demanding users, with incredible and unique design and touch of quality that only Microsoft is able to provide. One of the latest members of this Surface lineup is the Microsoft Surface Book, […]

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Microsoft Store: Terms of sale to consider

Microsoft offers different online and retail stores across the world where people can buy the products released by the company, with amazing prices and promotions that are available almost the whole year. However, to buy such product and make use of the stores, users must be aware of the Microsoft Store: Terms of sale, since […]

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Microsoft Business Software Solutions available

Microsoft is a company that from the beginning has being worried about the business field, with solutions focused only on this specific approach to provide suitable solutions for companies and enterprises, regardless of the industry or niche where any corporation or company might be in. At present time, this is more a reality than ever […]