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Windows 10 Movies and TV: Help and support

Windows 10 is the ultimate platform to enjoy all types of content, such as games, multimedia and more, including high-definition movies and TV shows right there on your device, either a laptop, tablet, convertible as a Surface or a traditional PC in your living room. To do so, the latest operating system from Microsoft offers […]

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The Microsoft Community to ask questions

Communities online are valuable resources to ask for help and finding information about any topic, working as some sort of unofficial support where users find documents and threads, answer questions and share knowledge with others in order to solve issues and situations, in relation to any topic available. For example, large technological companies offer their […]

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Microsoft Edge and Cortana are not working: What to do

Edge and Cortana are two of the most recent technologies and software included in Windows 10 since its release in 2015, being the first one a powerful browser with innovative functions, and the second one as the voice assistant with outstanding artificial intelligence engine that allows to use our computer only without voice, respectively. In […]

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Hello World

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