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About Bing Maps and 1 Microsoft Way

With Bing, Microsoft offer the possibility to the users of taking advantage of an advanced and powerful search engine, which is capable of finding multiple pages at once and show them as result, respecting some specific words or query introduced by the user. In this way, searching and use webpages of any topic is really […]

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About Microsoft Bing and how it works

Searching information online in webpages is a service millions of people used around the world, in order to find details respecting different topics to study and obtain knowledge, as well as obtaining information about products and services online. In order to find sites on the web, search engine are the ultimate tools to perform this […]

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How to watch Youtube.com/watch v 2_o3_1xoiy4 and other deleted videos

Youtube is the most famous video platform, with millions of videos available to watch absolutely free of cost. You can watch them on Youtube’s website or app for your cellphone, tablet or even TV. But as you may imagine, there are also thousands of videos that, for one reason or another, were deleted from the […]

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Movies Anywhere: The streaming platform from Walt Disney Company

With no doubt, if we want to enjoy multimedia content like movies, TV series and music, streaming platforms are the way to go, allowing us to enjoy great catalog and choices to watch and listen, by only paying a subscription or through one-time purchase. One outstanding streaming platform is the Movie Anywhere service, which is […]

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Mobile Plans app to get data connection in your PC

Get data connection using a Windows 10 laptop or tablet on the go is a powerful tool, since like this there is no need to be searching for WIFI connections, a very annoying thing to do. With the Mobile Plans included in Windows 10, the user can have permanent connection thanks to different data carriers […]