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If you are one of the workers mostly seated in an office and frequently use the computer to handle all kinds of stuff at work, you are bound to be familiar with Microsoft’s email and personal information service, Microsoft Outlook.

Introduction to Hotmail and Outlook from Microsoft

Combining with Hotmail service from Microsoft, these two mail services have taken quite a large portion of usage around the world. Let’s talk about some background information for both services as well as the way to access them.

Microsoft Outlook, or simply Outlook, was first developed and published in 1997, bundled with Microsoft Office 97, and has since made several version changes and improvements over these years.

Originally acting as only a service to send and receive emails, the functionality of Outlook has gradually expanded, and numerous functions have been added to broaden the mailing service into a personal itinerary platform, including but not limited to, calendar integration, contact management, task management.

It’s currently the standard email service for countless companies around the world, and with the thriving development of portable devices like smartphones or pads, the mobile version of Outlook has also been developed to better suit the need for current working environment as well as the nature of working at different places.

Currently, it’s pretty straightforward and simple to read your emails and look up your itinerary from smartphones before heading to the office, and then do some corresponding arrangement either at the office or on the go with all your personal information synced up across all devices you used.

The latest version of Outlook is currently bundled with Microsoft Office 2019, and you can purchase it and use it anytime you want. You either have the option to use it as a standalone application to organize your personal emails or use it in companies to access both personal and shared information across the server like meeting arrangements.

For personal use, you have to create an email address from any service providers and then input the server information provided by service providers into Outlook to start receiving your emails smoothly.

As for corporate use, your email address, as well as certain settings of your account, may already be set up when you start your day of work, and you can easily communicate either internally with colleagues or externally with customers, vendors, or any involved parties. You are also able to use the task manager to manage your daily task, meeting, email grouping, and so forth, to smooth out and simplify your communication with other people.

There was another email service called Hotmail, also developed by Microsoft. The difference between Hotmail and Outlook is that Hotmail is a webmail-only service, and it’s an online service instead of a standalone application like Outlook.

Hotmail was initiated in 1996 and provided an email management service without the need of your personal computer and any pre-installed program. With account information on hand, you were allowed to access your emails on a public computer or terminal anywhere you are.

Although it may not be suitable to handle email attachment using Hotmail, you were capable of sending or replying to any emails without attachment. Its primary advantage lies in the email service can still be operational without the need for personal computer and expense for the application like Outlook.

Similar to Outlook, Hotmail has also gone through several version changes and name changes, such as MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and has re-branded to Outlook.com in 2012.

As it’s much focused on email management instead of personal information management, Hotmail or Outlook.com currently, possessed certain particular features focusing on the easier management of viewing and searching emails, and it also improved navigation and keyboard-only controls if no computer mouse is attached.

Currently, you just need to register a Microsoft account and a valid email address before accessing Outlook.com to start organizing your emails. It’s also much easy to handle email attachment and contacts just like the famous Gmail service provided by Google.

Both services, Outlook.com and Outlook, provide similar but differentiated email management functionality on different platforms and usage. For corporate users, it’s much sensible to use Outlook to be your personal information management application with easier access to company-only information and less security risk.

For personal users, Outlook.com may be a much affordable option for you to manage your emails without the need for a particular computer or terminal and additional expense on the application itself. You may still need to afford a portion of the cost for the variable storage spaces of your personal account.

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