Helloohttps://privacy microsoft com/en-US/privacystatement

lloohttps://privacy microsoft com/en-US/privacystatement 

Ever wondered about the privacy policies of giants like Google and Microsoft? Life today, is almost impossible without either. And when we create our accounts on platforms such as Microsoft, they ask permission to access personal information.

Many a times, we agree to their terms and conditions without reading them. Here is a brief about what the Microsoft Privacy Statement states and what it means.

What personal data does Microsoft collect?

Microsoft has two way of collecting personal data. The first is what the consumer hands directly while filling out basic information about themselves. The second is based on how the consumer interacts with the services and applications Microsoft provides.

That means, when the consumer uses an application, or service, the choices they make is collected as personal data by Microsoft. This includes the tiniest details such as the themes and features they choose to the kind of privacy settings they opt for.

How does Microsoft use the data they collect?

According to Microsoft, their reason to collect data is to customise user experience according to the user’s requirements and taste. The collected data is used to improvise their products according to what suits the user. They also collect data for updates and troubleshooting solutions. The data also helps Microsoft recommend new products and updates, and also help the user personal products they are using already.

Apart from using personal data for the clients, Microsoft also uses the data to analyse their own business. This includes keeping a track of their performance, being legally obligated, and researching for new services and products.

Why does Microsoft share personal data?

It has come to light in the recent days that a lot of companies share the personal data of their consumers to third-parties. Microsoft also shares their consumers’ personal data. Now, while they do this, they ask for their consumers’ consent. It is always best to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to share personal data with a third party.

There are a few reasons why Microsoft shares personal data. One of the reasons is when there is a transaction process that needs to be completed. Microsoft promises that it shares personal collected data only with Microsoft-affiliated and or subsidiaries who are working with or on behalf of Microsoft.

The reason they do this is to make sure they comply to legal codes and to protect their clients as well as the rights of Microsoft itself.

How can you control personal data?

Microsoft by no means bars their consumers from accessing or controls the data they share with the platform. Consumers have all the right to limit and customise the data they share with Microsoft as well as its affiliated platforms. Microsoft abides with all the data protection right of its consumers. Therefore the client can control their personal data that has been obtained by Microsoft by contacting the platform for assistance. Moreover, Microsoft also provides its users with tools to access and control their personal data on services and online.

The Microsoft Account

Using a Microsoft account gives the user access to a lot of other Microsoft products and services. When making an account with Microsoft, the user is expected to give basic, necessary personal details including initial credentials, contact data, usage and payments data to name a few. This also includes contact of people associated with the user.

Once a user starts using Microsoft platforms, the service collects data based on the user’s activities and interests. When a user signs into Microsoft, the user can personalize things to fit their need and requirements.

The terms and conditions change when the account is a personal one and when the account is linked to an institution or organisation. Microsoft has come up with custom services and products for corporations, schools, universities, etc as well.

As mentioned earlier, the terms and conditions are different for personal and group accounts. Similarly, the privacy statement differs slightly from product to product. Enterprise and developer products, Windows, productivity and communications, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Search products have varying degrees of privacy statement based on the laws and codes of each service sector. Apart from customisation and collecting data for company usage, Microsoft also delivers personalised information to the user on entertainment. Microsoft also provides health services and has a need to collect personal data for those uses.

It is always best to consider that every company has a different reason and purpose to collect personal data from clients and users. Reading privacy terms and conditions can always help the user understand what they agree to share with the company and its affiliates.

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