How to block phone calls out using Android, iPhone and Windows Phone?

We have all been there, and it is quite annoying. You are taking a nice shower, or watching your favorite TV show. Maybe you are rushing out, or you are doing a task that requires your full attention. And right then you are systematically interrupted by your phone’s ringtone. You rush to get it, it could be about something important. Though deep down you fear this will be yet another spam, scam, trash calls. It could even be a contact that wants something from you and won’t leave you alone. Well, forget all about those worries! Here we’ll show you the best way to block numbers out on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Don’t waste a minute more of your valuable time with call centers, advertising calls and unwanted calls, from anyone you don’t really care about. Read below and find out all your different free apps options to block phone lines out. Choose the one that suits you best according to your phone’s features

Blocking calls out on Android

  • Clever Dialer: a very functional app that will help you identify spam calls to block them out immediately, so you don’t need to be bothered by them or answer them. Gives you the option to block phone calls out -100% free- and you’ll find it on Google Play Store.
  • Phone Warrior Inc.: Just as its name suggests, this is a true warrior that fights unwanted calls off your Android phone. It’s interesting to point out it also offers SMS blocking and gives you information about the caller, so you know where is this contact coming from. Download Phone Warrior Inc. from their site, using the link provided above.
We let you know your best options to block phone lines out
  • Call Blocker: It rejects all unwanted calls automatically. If you want to avoid sales calls or incoming calls from unwanted callers, Call Blocker will be there for you, doing the job needed. Get this free app from the official Android apps market.

Blocking calls out on iPhone

  • Black List: Just as the name suggests, this is a huge “black list” that gathers unwanted phone numbers to prevent them from contacting you. The app is free and available for download in the official IOS Store.
  • Mr. Number: This great app was designed for IOS and Android, and allows you to block out numbers easily, both unwanted calls and unknown callers. You can create your own list of blocked contacts, to be sure no one is bothering you anymore. This app is very simple to use and you can get it in the App Store (also in Google Play Store if you have an Android cell phone).
  • Calls Blacklist: This is a call blocker with an extremely simple user interface, and a very interesting list of options: you can get text messages when an unknown number calls you, create your own “black list” to block out numbers of your choosing, keep a record of unwanted calls to learn who is calling you with which frequency. You can download this app from the App Store.

Blocking calls out on Windows Phone

  • Truecaller: This is a very efficient call blocker for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows Phone 10 Mobile. Its extensive database updates regularly with new numbers added to the black list, thus guaranteeing max safety and practicality for you. Truecaller is available for download free of charge in the Microsoft Store.
  • Pocket Call Blocker: this is a very powerful free filter for unwanted mobile calls on Windows Phone and, as many others like this one, it is extremely easy to use. You can download this app from the official app store for these phones.
  • Call Control: This is a true classic when it comes to blocking out calls on a SO Windows Phone. It is very simple to use and hosts a great amount of users that report each and every spam number they get calls from, and think should be disabled. You can get this app free of charge from the official Microsoft Market.

We have reached the end of this post. These are all very interesting apps to block phone calls out and stop getting unwanted calls on your phone. Fortunately, there are different options for Android, IOS or Windows phones. Which one will you choose? Do constant unsolicited calls keep bugging you constantly? Let us know in the comments below.


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