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With Bing, Microsoft offer the possibility to the users of taking advantage of an advanced and powerful search engine, which is capable of finding multiple pages at once and show them as result, respecting some specific words or query introduced by the user. In this way, searching and use webpages of any topic is really easy. 

Nevertheless, there are other functions available respecting Bing that are very valuable, since information can be obtained in so different ways online. From images to videos and documents, this search engine by Microsoft is capable of classifying and show results with this type of file on them, as well as it happens with maps for transportation and consultation on the road, which platform is called Bing Maps. 

What is Bing Maps?

Specifically, Bing Maps is the platform designed by Microsoft by the hand of the search engine to show results and information respecting maps and everything they contain. In this way, to find a location is very simple and works in the same way the search engine does with common queries, except from the fact that with Bing Maps addresses, roads, locations and places are the ones that are shown. 

With Bing Maps is easy to find locations and places like restaurants, airports, gas stations, hospitals, bridges, boarders and even complete cities and countries on the map. To do that, Bing Maps uses the actual location on the devices that is provided by the internet connection, and for more accurate results it is also capable of using GPS connection if is available, which is usually in every mobile devices. 

There are other possibilities respecting Bing Maps that makes it quite useful. For instance, it is possible to set a route and the software will tell the user which way to take or when to turn left, road or a coming junction, along with information respecting distance and remaining time to arrive destination. This is particularly useful on large trips that require to go on big roads. 

How Bing Maps works

Bing Maps works under the same algorithm for regular Bing queries, taking into account several web pages that corresponds to words introduced by the users. However, instead of showing text or images, what is shown is the data translated on the map on real time. 

To make results more valuable and interesting to the users, actual location and other aspects are considered like history and queries performed before, at the moment of writing and address or city name on the search bar. 

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