How to watch v 2_o3_1xoiy4 and other deleted videos

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Youtube is the most famous video platform, with millions of videos available to watch absolutely free of cost. You can watch them on Youtube’s website or app for your cellphone, tablet or even TV.

But as you may imagine, there are also thousands of videos that, for one reason or another, were deleted from the platform. Are they available to watch somewhere else?

Of course they are! The Wayback Machine is a website that takes and saves old snaps -from 1996 to the date!- of many different URLs.

In particular for YouTube videos, you will be able to watch them directly from the web archive, without searching anywhere else.

We provide you with a few examples right here. Of course, you can try all the links you want to simply writing the URL on the upper part of the website.

Of course, if you want to check a website that still exists to the day you can always see how it looked years ago.

Try the Wayback Archive!

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